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Building an agile organizational foundation and transforming the high-technology world

高科技和半导体公司是技术产业的基础. 的 right organization and talent is key for growth and success within the industry. Change is happening at an extraordinary pace, both due to technological advancements and unprecedented disruptions. To effectively and quickly handle this change, organizations need to have the muscle and capabilities to meet it head on. 无论是应对人才需求的变化,还是调整工作和服务提供模式, 高科技和半导体公司在尝试接受挑战之前,需要有灵活和前瞻性的领导.

的 C-suite needs to continue to drive innovation and growth and build out their team. 最重要的是, 他们需要优先考虑多样性, 公平与包容, 与此同时,还需要提高人才技能,培养推动未来增长所需的敏捷领导力. 数字 transformation is necessary for companies to remain relevant. 但事实证明,由于没有合适的团队和技能来推动转型,这比预期的要困难得多. 人才获取计划是一场生存竞赛,因为对合适人才的需求远远超过供应——预计这一问题将在未来10年变得更加尖锐.

We help our clients not only be prepared, but be at the forefront of working across the talent continuum. We help the C-suite become Radically Human Leaders. 我们与首席财务官合作,帮助他们实现转型议程,并为他们配备合适的人才, organizational structure and culture to develop and upskill their teams. We also focus on leadership development and coaching, 高管和专业人士搜索, and retention through fair and equitable rewards and benefits.


Your performance and results are what matters. 我们与您合作,不断发展和优化,以反映您不断变化的业务需求. We help our high-tech clients address challenges like the below.


不到一半的科技公司认为他们有一个全面的继任计划,不到四分之一的科技高管认为他们有一个现成的继任者. 更糟糕的是, 科技公司面临着全球领导者人才库的萎缩,这些领导者拥有在这个充满挑战的领域取得成功所必需的丰富职能经验. 对关键人才的竞争迫使组织在领导者职业生涯的早期就做出重大人事决定. 准确识别和加快发展高潜力人才是必要的.

We help you find, recruit and develop the next generation of leaders. 我们经验丰富的高科技顾问为内部和外部人才设计并执行继任策略. 我们基于研究的人才评估流程可帮助您了解您的组织是否拥有未来所需的人才, then helps to implement individual development and recruitment plans to fill the gaps.


Although an equal number of men and women study STEM in school, twice as many men work in STEM jobs than women. That means there’s a tremendous gender gap in the high-tech sector. When women do take positions with technology firms, 他们的工资通常更低, trapped in junior roles and face a higher turnover rate. 结果是, fewer women make it to the top of organizations—currently, women hold only 5% of leadership roles in the tech sector.

我们帮助您的组织吸引, 通过设计多元化招聘来发现和留住高潜力的女性人才, 发展及推广策略. We start by mining your culture for stereotypes and biases, 然后通过各种方式消除这些问题,包括教授包容性实践的学习旅程. 我们还为未被充分代表的人才群体提供高影响力的职业发展项目,帮助您建立多元化的未来领导者队伍. 

Our goal is to optimize your performance by unlocking the potential of all talent.


媒体、数据、连接和移动的融合正在改变科技行业. As everything moves towards digital, organizations must also transform. 他们必须雇佣新一代的人才,以跟上当今创新的步伐,以及日益增长的网络安全和隐私问题. 也, 随着工作场所的变化, 从事高科技工作的候选人需要的不仅仅是STEM学位——他们还需要商业头脑和学习敏捷性. 通过颠覆获得成功, 高科技专业人士和领导者都需要新的技能,包括战略思维, communication skills and stakeholder management. 

我们帮助您的企业招聘和培养具有跨职能技能的人才,使其在未来脱颖而出. Our high-tech consultants know what the future of work looks like, 我们将帮助您建立一支具备敏捷性等关键能力的员工队伍, 连接, 纪律和专注, 赋权对齐, 开放和透明. 我们还使用市场领先的评估来识别符合您理想条件的候选人, 这样你才能实现你的目标. 在我们的帮助下, you can put the right talent in the right roles, 确保您的组织能够在数字世界中抓住新的机遇.



We work with our clients to start thinking about the future of work, 进行调查和会议,以制定结构化的方法和一套全面的选择来定义未来的劳动力. 

This new hybrid model opens up resourcing options, 无需建立大型基础设施就可以访问远程人才库. This also improves the quality of talent and the speed of the acquisition, resulting in better costs and improved retention. With our combined expertise across the talent continuum, 我们积极帮助我们的客户以“彻底人性化”的方式建立新的劳动力战略.

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